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  DFI Diagnostics is a global medical company with the mission to significantly improve the lives of individuals by innovation in meeting consumers' desires all around world. For many years DFI's R&D team has been researching and developing to manufacture diagnostic medical  supplies, cooperating with various organizations such as KIST (the Korea Institute of Science & Technology) and famous research professors in diagnostic business circles.

Backed by these R&D efforts, our state-of-art production facilities and skilled engineers, made it possible to produce DFI's excellent products with low price & high quality. The DUS¢â is a series of our In Vitro Diagnostic products for Urinalysis.Clinical laboratories and medical researchers use our products to analyze urine, blood from patients for the diagnosis of various diseases and other medical complications, or to measure the level of specific substances which


may exist in extremely small concentrations in the human body. We look forward to continued growth, the opportunity to explore the ever-expanding and exciting frontiers of diagnostic technology and promise to provide only the best products available to everyone.

 We thank you for your continued support and trust in our products.




Established as DAESUNG Co., Ltd.


Enterprises By LG Electronic Co., Ltd.


Selected as very promising company by the Korea Industrial Bank.


Acquired Korean Standard (KS ¢̃)


Divided and Founded as an affiliated company by the name of "DFI" to act part of activities of DAESUNG GROUP for pharmaceutical business field.


Developed In-Vitro Diagnostic Urine Reagent Strip series with high quality.


Obtained ISO9001:2000 Certificate


CE Marked.


Patent registration for DUS R-300


Obtained ISO13485 Certificate.


Start with brand new product series (DUS¢â) with high quality.


Developed Microalbumin/Creatinine Test (early stage kidney disease test) Strip.




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